Why Go Solar?

The simple answer? why not? the not so simple answer...

Because Energy Independence feels so good

Simply put, solar energy is one of the best kept secrets of the financial investment world. Between federal, state and utility incentives nearly 100% of a solar system is paid for. This creates a revenue and a savings immediately. 


Many feel that if they don't spend money then they'll save money. When it comes to electricity rates that simply isn't true. Invest in solar today and experience a huge savings tomorrow.

Owning an energy producing system sounds daunting to some, but the fact is that solar energy is the easiest to maintain energy producing system because there's virtually no maintenance and comes with a 25 year warranty. Many researchers believe a solar system manufactured today will last upwards of 35 years or more.

It's your choice

What Clients Say

Great job. I am overly impressed with the company, their employees and equipment that was recommended and used. I highly recommend this company. Our 30 panel solar system is over performing. I can honestly say this company under promises and over delivers. James P.
I was most satisfied with how they were very attentive to me when I had questions and they answered my questions in a prompt and professional manner. Sharon M.